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A little note about Hayate's Canon of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha is the nature of the Book of Darkness, soon to be dubbed the Book of Blessed Wind/Azure Sky. As a extremely dangerous Lost Logia, it has several abilities that needs to be known to the community once the true nature of her sickness is released to the public.

The first is of course, the Defense Program. It is a dangerous weapon, which basically makes the book go out of control and kill worlds. This obviously needs to be stopped when it emerges in the finale of A's dependent on canonmates and such who may or may not be apped. It is a highly volatile regenerating program which required a massive energy cannon to destroy in space. Clearly people can come up with their own ideas on how to kill this thing later in DDD.

The second obviously is its function. The Book is able to absorb magic of any kind, and store it away into the pages, materializing as writing. This has the added bonus of granting Reinforce and Hayate the ability to access the spells of anyone's magic that is absorbed into it, and replicate it in battle or everyday use. Canonically Hayate has over a million potential spells from the many times it was filled up, and the potential for adding more is very high. This obviously requires permissions since we don't want Hayate's Wolkenritter attacking and draining someone who doesn't want to be drained. It would be appreciated to note in a reply what spells and abilities Hayate can eventually access through the book. As well as if you want to keep some people safe from a Wolkenritter attack.

The third here is mostly planning and plotting. When A's begins, the Wolkenritter will live in peace with Hayate for about two-three months before the beginning of A's but then begin their hunt for magic. If you want to be attacked, say so here and we can work out a private post dealing with the aftermath since the Wolkenritter are all currently NPCed.

Thank you for all your time, and have fun interacting with Hayate!
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Activity Tracking for DramaDramaDuck

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Player nickname: Shaun
Player DW: [personal profile] drunkenpandaren
Way to contact you:
AIM: Shaun Garin
Plurk: [ profile] DrSKirk
Are you at least 15?: Y
Current Characters: Yayoi Kise, Thrall, Perrine H Cloistermann, Daiki Kaitou, Hibiki Houjou (Pending)

Character: Hayate Yagami
Fandom: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Character Notes: A portion of this application has been taken from previous apps for the sake of less work.

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Feb. 15th, 2025 07:44 am
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How's my Driving? Comment here! Anon enabled, logging off.
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Hi this is the Yagami's, leave a message after the tone.

Please state if this is IC, OOC, Audio, Video, Text or RL

OOC Meme

Feb. 15th, 2025 07:44 am
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[Character Name] Hayate Yagami
[Canon] Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

[Age] 23
[Gender] Female
[Sexual Orientation] Bisexual

[Eye Color] Blue
[Hair Color] Brown
[Height] 5'4"
[Other] Has two hair thingies on her hair at all times.
[Clothing] Usually wearing ribbed sweaters.
[Housing] 1334 Benny Road

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Dec. 2nd, 2013 12:43 pm
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It's reached critical... I don't think it will last much longer...

The book has reached critical.

[Hayate turns her head, looking sickly and pale. Her breathing is ragged and shallow and her family is there, trying not to show more emotion.]

I'm sorry I don't think I can hold on everyone... It'll be all right. The device needs magic but if we make sure it won't absorb magic then...

But if we get the book as far away as possible... [She coughed, collapsing onto her back.] I suppose I should send these gifts out.

It's the 23rd. Sorry everyone.


The clock is counting down the minutes to the eve of the 24th. Further and further it's going. Hayate is pale, her breathing shallow as the book hovers there, glowing and sucking as much of her power away. It's time... for massive derailment.
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I got a gift from my housemates! So I've been playing since this morning.

[Hayate yawned loudly at that moment, shaking her head.] I haven't been losing sleep honestly but look, I'm a cat girl!

I promise I'll be more social, I promised Suzuka-chan that I would visit soon.

So, what's the coolest game you've all played?


Sep. 8th, 2013 08:29 am
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Looks like I got hit by the virus too. I love this outfit!

[Hayate is dressed in a sort of stylized hoodie and such, with feathery wings protruding from her back.]

I could get used to this.
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I had a dream that I was older last month. I was tall and curvy, but still cute too. So I drew up something.

And then made it!

Anyone want to wear this for me? It's a Hayate Original!
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[The camera seems to be... creeping? There's a high feminine voice humming as it pans up a set of shapely legs. She's humming to herself as her back is to the others as she turns around and smiles.]

Well hello Community! Back again I see. Up to the old shenanigans again I take it?

[Hayate smiles as she raises a finger and waggles it.] You could have been sneaking up on me when I was bathing or something. You just like showing me at my worst, huh? At least I wasn't doing anything naughty this time. Yet.

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[It's just another day in the city as Shamal is pushing Hayate along, Vita trailing behind. They're in a grocery store and while Hayate is selecting some food for the nights meal, Vita is looking rather bored.

It was then that the other girl noticed the stuffed rabbit in the shelves and her cheeks flared as the words 'how cute' escaped her lips.

The shot changed a little, skipping ahead as Vita trailed behind again, holding a brown paper bag as Hayate looked behind her.]

Hayate: Vita-chan, you can take it out now.

[Vita nodded and pulled out the rabbit doll. It was a weird little thing with button eyes and a stitched mouth. She hugged it and proclaimed,] Thank you Hayate...!

[But Hayate was already being pushed ahead and Vita scampered up to meet her. In all, a regular normal day. Not ever knowing that her Knights had already begun to do something that would haunt her for a few years to come.]
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[It had been something of a stealth job, but when Hayate had passed out for the night, she had murmured "Karen-nee" numerous times, twisting around in bed. She wanted her "big sister". As such, her family decided to take things into their own hands, and worldhopped on their own.

Bypassing security, they had kidnapped Karen right out of bed, and placed her gently into Hayate's own where she had clung to her sleepily. Vita was understandably put out, but at least she slept with Signum that night.

It's almost daybreak, and Hayate is curled up against Karen, her hands wrapped around her waist as she buried her face in Karen's chest...]
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[Well when one had an unexpected houseguest, one broke out the drinks and food. At least that's what Hayate was doing for one Nathan who had appeared in her house, connected to her with a red string.

Well she did kind of like older men, even if he was a bit of a potty mouth.]

How do you like your coffee? I think we also have some beer the last time I had a visitor over.
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So the end of summer is almost upon me in my world, with my birthday in a little while. I was wondering if I could come visit for a couple of days? We could get together at maybe Itsuki-nee's place if possible? I'd like to at least see everyone before my birthday.

So um, yeah, can we do this?
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So I was on this... wikipedia they call it, weird name. And I put in the date today and uh...

What's a Fetish?
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I found something cool! Tsubomi-oneechan, I didn't know you could sing like this!

Could you sing like this for me? We could all sing in my place!

[Care to inform her that this isn't Tsubomi but the pop culture singer Nana Mizuki?]
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*Cough. Cough.*

[What's Hayate doing today? She's laying back, coughing as she leans against the headboard of her bed looking up at the ceiling. Reaching over she rolled on her side and smiled at the camera. Her face is flushed and her skin looks clammy.]

Hi everyone... sorry you had to see me like this, I... *cough cough* I caught a cold yesterday.

It's been a month for me since I last saw everyone. I was getting worried that people had stopped posting, but I was able to read everyone's posts and such. *cough cough* I'll be fine, I just need some rest.

Oh, my birthday is coming up in a few months as well. I'll be turning ten soon. I hope it's a nice birthday...

[With that, she rolls back onto her back and draws her blankets up.] It's cold...

[A readout next to her is literally reading 25C, a sign that this was posted in the middle of August when it was damn hot too. Darn these summer colds!]
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Dear diary, I had such a fun dream last night! I dreamed I was a magical girl, one who could soar through the air and save the world from danger!

It was really something! I think I'd call myself "Magical Girl Hayate-chan!"

I'm doing better too, my legs aren't so bad today, and I can actually feel my toes better! The doctor got a little mad at me for going outside last time but she was okay with me playing around a little.

I saw a lot of people on the network are close to Christmas. I wonder if I should have my own Christmas in July! I'd have to dig out decorations though...
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